Allmax AA Maximum Power Alkaline Double A Batteries 5pk

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  • 5pk

  • ★ Maximum Power – Allmax Maximum Power AA Batteries are premium grade, high-performance alkaline batteries built with EnergyCircle Technology to supply maximum power to your electronic devices.
  • ★ Ultra Long-Lasting – Allmax AA batteries are considered “ultra long-lasting” and have been independently tested to outperform standard alkaline batteries, which means you can also expect these batteries to last longer.
  • ★ 10-Year Shelf Life – Allmax AA batteries are always fresh and maintain power for up to 10 years in proper storage, which makes Allmax the perfect choice to buy in large quantity for long-term storage and emergency preparedness kits.
  • ★ Leakproof Design – Allmax AA batteries are built from the ground up to seal in materials and protect your electronic devices, which makes Allmax the perfect choice to power all your devices around the house, the office, or outdoors for mobile power.
  • ★ Device Compatible – Allmax AA batteries power devices such as remote controls, flashlights, toys, Xbox controllers, digital cameras, wireless mice, wireless keyboards, radios, bubble machines, door locks, clocks, electric pencil sharpeners, toothbrushes, laser levels, calculators, garage door openers, carbon monoxide detectors, alarm sensors, blood pressure monitors, meters, scanners, baby monitors, screwdrivers, blood glucose monitors, face scrubbers, and more!

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