Instructions For Application

1. Print out your image on the glossy side using the appropriate printer type.
2. Let the ink dry, use a hair sprayer to speed up this process.
3. Apply three light coats of acrylic spray evenly over the printed image and let dry in between.
4. Let dry, use a hair dryer to speed up this process. Skip this step for laser type application.
5. Cut film (1/32”) around perimeter.
6. Soak in lukewarm water for 30-60 seconds and then separate the decal from the backing paper.
7. Slide the decal over the product surface.
8. Remove the water inside the film using soft paper and or rubber squeegee.
9. Let image dry or speed up the process using a hair dryer or an oven at 200F for 20 minutes if possible
10. This paper is for decoration only and is not made to be fired in a ceramic kiln.

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