Siser EasySubli Heat Transfer Mask * 20" x 36" Roll (1 Yard)

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MASK used with Siser EasySubli Film

Transfer your printed Siser EasySubli heat transfer vinyl to your garment with ease using EasySubli Mask. EasySubli Mask is clear, silicone-based and comes on an aerated backing. Its extra tacky adhesive easily grips the printed EasySubli HTV from the original static backing and exposes the heat-activated adhesive side of the vinyl.

The masking process is similar to sign vinyl: use a squeegee to bond the mask and printed EasySubli HTV in order to keep multiple pieces aligned and applied all at once.


  • Mask for transferring EasySubli heat transfer vinyl
  • Clear, silicone-based mask on aerated backing
  • Extra tacky adhesive gripping

WASHING: Wait at least 24 hours from application before washing.Washing resistance up to 60°C, best inside-out.Do not use bleach or other aggressive chemical agents.Not suitable for dry cleaning

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